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Finally the Powerful Software Behind Some of the Most Powerful, Profitable and Most Respected Membership Sites in the World is Available to the Public!

Dear Friend,

No doubt you've heard that membership websites are rocking the information business.

Whether you call them membership, subscription, coaching or mentoring websites, they all have one thing in common...people need to pay you to access your website.

If you are interested in bringing in steady, recurring cash flow month after month, from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars per month, this will be the most important message you ever read.

Here are just a few of the many advantages of Membership sites

Steady Cash Stream: Create a steady, predictable, cash flow that you can depend on month after month after month, 24/7 whether you are working or not.
High-Income Potential: 200 people paying you $30/month produces an income of $6,000/month. 1000 members at $35/month produce $35,000/month income!
Low Time Requirement: Most membership sites take only 2-10 per week to maintain. This makes them ideal for individuals or companies and the work can be outsourced.
Scalable: Membership sites take about the same time to run whether you have 50, 100, 1,000 members.

Just a few short years ago the only people who knew that people would pay for web access was the adult entertainment industry.

Today membership sites are found in all industries. You wouldn't believe the number of people bringing in cashflows from $2,000/month to upwards of $50,000/month with their own membership site on almost every topic imaginable!




"2,000 Members at $19.95/month.."

Just a note of thanks for your MemberStar site. I started with you in 2004. Within the first few months we already have over 2000 members at $19.95 per month. With this kind of residual income, I could literally retire from the other part of my business and just do online-only thing. Maybe someday I will. Also, a big thanks is in order for the great service you and your staff have given us. Whenever there has been a problem, you were there to help us sort it out. That makes having your system all the more valuable. Continued success to you and all who use your software.

Matt Furey
best-selling author of Combat Conditioning


Before We Go On, Let's Clear Up Any Misunderstandings
You May Have About Membership Sites:

  • Do people really pay to access websites?
    Yes! Paying for website access today is common place. People pay for magazines, newspapers, books, clubs, memberships, and access to many online services. They are also paying for website access containing specialized information, mentoring or and more.

  • Do I need to be a guru or big company?
    No! For every guru or large company raking in tons of money from their subscription websites, there are literally thousands of "little guys" quietly running profitable paid websites all over the world that you will never hear about. You won't believe what some of their topics are!

  • Does the topic need to be about business?
    No! The variety of topics for membership sites is almost unlimited. There are successful membership sites for almost every imaginable topic from unusual business ideas, selling socks, paintball, 2nd wives clubs, finances, dating, fitness, marketing and the list goes on. The only thing they have in common is they are producing a nice steady cash flow for their owners.

  • Aren’t membership sites hard to set up?
    Yes and No! If you use one of the so called “easy” free membership scripts or try to do it yourself then setting up a site can be a real challenge, even if you’re a technical person. If you aren’t, don't even try. However if you use the proper dedicated membership software you can quickly and easily have your site up and running . . . even if you've never built a website before!

Building a Membership Site Can Be
a Dream or a Nightmare!

 Here's My Own Membership Site Nightmare and How You Can Avoid It

For several years I had a small but profitable monthly print newsletter.

I heard about membership sites and realized if I could put my newsletter online, I would eliminate my fulfillment hassles, reduce my costs and reach more people so I gave it a try.

However the membership site software/solutions I found had several problems:
  1. Many of them cost thousands of dollars. I didn't want to invest thousands of dollars if my topic idea didn't work.

  2. Some were free or cheap but offered only password protection and other basic features. Many of the features I wanted weren't offered or were difficult to add.

  3. Others looked time consuming and complicated to set up. I wanted to get my site set up quickly, not get bogged down with complicated interfaces and technical problems.

  4. Still others required the use of many other 3rd party services to work. Using many 3rd party services usually results in problems getting them to work together and none of the services taking responsibility for the problems.

I ended up investing several months piecing together various 3rd party solutions
to create my own members site.

The good news was that my subscribers liked it and could see that membership sites were a viable business model.

The bad news that even after spending months creating the website, it was a time sucking nightmare and I was spending way too much time administering the site, organizing new content, troubleshooting problems, etc. Solutions that sounded like they would simplify things (like using a third party credit card processors) really didn't.

Finally after almost pulling my hair out I decided I had 2 choices, throw in the towel or face the reality that the only way I was going to have an affordable way to build, manage and maintain a content driven membership/subscriber website was to create it myself.

So I created a huge list of features that I wanted my dream software to have based on my frustrations and experience I encountered running my own membership website. Then I found an experienced, enthusiastic programming team to tackle the project.

Six months later Memberstar™ was born…the only affordable one stop solution for creating and managing subscription and paid membership websites.

As soon as I started using it for my own website, I couldn't believe the difference.

Using the built in templates I had a great looking website created in days…not weeks (without using any HTML programming.)

Adding content was a breeze. I just copied and pasted articles from my old website. Adding the built in discussion board took about 5 minutes (versus hours or days installing a 3rd party board.) Adding more content was as simple as copying and pasting articles I wrote in MS Word or using the built in text editor.

Before Memberstar™ I wasted so much time managing my old pieced together system, that I didn't spend nearly enough time doing the really important things, like marketing my site.

Within 3 weeks of changing to Memberstar™ I increased the number of my subscribers by 50%
with almost no effort! I reduced my administration time by 80%!

That was almost 5 years ago and Memberstar has continued to grow and improve since then.

Memberstar is the one stop solution for creating and managing subscription and paid membership websites. It will free you from the complex and time consuming tasks of running a highly profitable site.

No Programming Required

No Software to Install

Easy to Build

Easy to Run!

Memberstar Helps You Do the 4 Critical Parts of Starting and Maintaining a Membership Website

  1. Building Your Membership Site- templates make it quick and easy to set up your website, even for a complete newbie.

  2. Administering Your Membership Site-your website-important administrative functions are done for you automatically so you can be more productive.

  3. Maintain Your Site Content-easy to use integrated content management makes it easy to add and manage your content

  4. Maximizing your income-search engine friendly and other built in features to help you make maximum money from your site.

How well does it work?

Here are a few comments from our customers


". . .Started My First Successful Membership Site with Memberstar in 2004 . . ."

I launched my first membership site with Memberstar in 2004, and I wanted to write and thank you.

I had tried to launch my site earlier using other membership software. Unfortunately, the problems I ran into with a basic feature not working properly, a user-interface that was difficult to use, and technical support/customer service that was either slow or vague, stalled development of my site right out of the gate.

Working with Memberstar has been a completely different experience! Your Customer Service and support that you have provided while building my new site has not only met my high standards, but surpassed them! This alone sets you apart from the rest!

In addition, the time that it took to actually populate my membership site was amazingly short due to the Memberstar application - it is extremely well laid out and very straightforward to use. In no time, we had selected our template and started populating the site.

Thank you for all you have done to contribute to my first successful membership site.

Lisa Suttora, CEO



". . . Memberstar has my highest recommendation. . .

...We went full force with Memberstar in 2005 and haven't regretted it for a moment. The features are robust and we now have a strong membership base which continues to grow at a steady pace. . . Listen to more on audio

N. Lawrence


". . . if you are thinking about entering the membership site area, then do it with Memberstar . . ."

..Memberstar is brillant. . . It's intuitive and very easy to use . . . the video tutorials are excellent . . . ". . . if you are thinking about entering the membership site area, then do it with Memberstar . . ." Listen to more on audio

Duke Clark


". . . things have been running very smoothly in the year we've used Memberstar....."

". . .When I thought about starting a membership site it was important to me to have good people that I could actually talk with behind the company. They were very helpful in the start up and it's been running very smoothly in the year that we've been with them. ." Listen for more

Art Sobczak 

These are just a few of the satisfied clients we've had over the years. Some of them have been with us for over 4 years. You know they wouldn't have stayed with us that long if they weren't happy with our service and their membership site was producing a good income.

Now Isn't it Your Turn to Join the Ranks of Internet Marketing Elite and Create an Automatic…Recurring…Predictable… 4-5 Figure Full Time MONTHLY Income ... Working Part Time . . .With a Membership Site Empire!?

You have 4 options:

  1. Do it yourself: This will take you a great deal of time and tens of thousands of dollars to even come close to the features you receive in Memberstar. In addition finding reliable, experienced programmers is getting harder and harder. Some of our Memberstar customers hired programmers to develop their own custom membership software. Months and thousands of dollars later they still didn’t have software that worked so they turned to Memberstar.

  2. Blog or other low cost script: This might work for a small site but you wouldn’t have near the features that you would have with Memberstar. Besides most of these low cost scripts require a surprising amount of technical knowledge and as I found out the hard way depending on other 3rd party scripts and services to run your site can be a real nightmare.

  3. All-in-one solution: For the person who wants to get their easy-to-run, membership site the all in one solutions is the way to go. You’ll have your site up the quickest, have many features to use as you grow and will find it easy to maintain. You can invest thousands of dollars for a complete all in one membership site solution. What happens if you make this investment only to find that your site isn’t as profitable as you thought it would be? If you shut it down you have wasted your investment.

  4. Or you can use Memberstar for only $129/month!

That's Right . . .

For Just $129/month You Can Use Our Complete All-In-One
Membership Site System and Have Your Membership Site Faster Than You Dreamed Possible!

No contract, no risk. If you decide not to use your site you can stop your site at any time and not have any further obligation.

But wait it gets even better . .

Limited time special. Just $59 for the first month, then just $129/month thereafter.
 (deluxe plan)

Save Even More Our Discounted
6 Month and 12 Month Plans! 

One Final Word...

In today's uncertain economy, the need for having a steady predictable steady cash flow from your online business is more important than ever. Having your own membership site is the vehicle to do that for you and Memberstar is the solution that will make it easy for you to set and maintain.

Just think, within a short time you could have your own Memberstar membership generate recurring income for you month after month, year after year.

Don’t delay and get started today and take advantage of our $59 special offer for the first month.  

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